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Why Hire RBL for Affiliate, Partner, & Influencer Marketing?

October 31, 2019

Affiliate Marketing
Tye DeGrange

Are you a Head of Marketing, Director of Marketing, Affiliate Manager, paid marketing team, VP of Marketing, CMO, Director of Growth, or marketing manager?

Are you looking to acquire customers efficiently, recruit partners, improve ROI, decrease CPA, diversify your marketing mix with new channels, run more accurate tests, build a process, better measure channel impact, or get a better understanding of data?

This Sunday, November 11th, will be celebrated both in America and in China as a lucky day. In the U.S., it’s 11/11, and everyone can make a wish. In China, it’s Singles’ Day, when young people toast the single life. This 11/11, if you’re looking for ways to build your personal and professional brand over the following months and years, you’re in luck. The Chinese believe that 8 is a lucky number, and so do we. In fact, “round barns” can often actually be octagonal. So we offer these 8 reasons why Round Barn Labs is the right choice to help build your brand by managing your affiliate program. Here’s to your wealth and prosperity!

  1. Trusted: The only affiliate team to manage affiliate programs for eBay, Amazon, and Facebook.
  2. Attentive: We aren’t after market share, we’d rather deliver the most impact for clients. We hire experienced practitioners who average nearly 10 years of affiliate experience.
  3. Battle-Tested: The depth and breadth of our knowledge comes from work with some of the world’s most exciting brands, including Portal from Facebook, Oculus, eBay, Amazon, StubHub, Barney’s, Capital One, Carhartt, Experian, Bloomingdale’s and Hims.
  4. Inventive: RBL goes beyond coupon/deal, and loyalty/cash-back business models to offer clients a diverse mix of partners like shopping discovery, content, influencers, editorial, and even international and Out of Home (OOH).
  5. Iterative: One of our principles is Always Be Testing. We run scientific, frequent, structured tests to learn more and grow faster than other affiliate managers and teams.
  6. Experts at UX: RBL has a 20-year User Experience veteran and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) pros to help you improve your site or landing page conversion rates.
  7. Incisive: We create consumer and affiliate campaigns that get eyeballs and convert. Efforts like the ModCloth’s integration with influencer Jillian Harris draw the attention of busy consumers.
  8. Energizing: We get you more impact by combining the power of our three core services – CRO/UX improvements, increasing affiliate adoption and using third-party influencer reviews in targeted paid social ads. These core services propel the RBL Flywheel.

RBL is a growth consulting firm, not a typical agency.

We began in San Francisco with the belief that clients needed more growth expertise than agencies could offer. Now, with teammates distributed globally, our experience, knowledge, and structure allow us to go deeper and drive more impact than other teams.

Growth isn’t achieved through hacks or quick tips, it doesn’t result from dumping customers on top of a funnel, and it isn’t measured in vanity metrics.

Growth is achieved by building a comprehensive, sustainable process that makes sense for your business, being mindful about how you integrate this process into your day-to-day and making sure it’s driven by qualitative and quantitative data.

RBL efficiently acquires customers; maximizes revenue for clients; unlocks paid-marketing growth loops; and recruits, engages, activates, and optimizes partners.

Why go with a more knowledgeable, multi-skilled team?

Because growth is a slippery thing.

Channels rise and fall. Affiliate business models change even faster. Many agencies don’tt have the in-house knowledge. Large traditional creative agencies often attempt to bolt on an affiliate service offering to their existing work. The affiliate talent pool is limited. It’s hard to find people that understand the niche. Many of these agencies excel at message and not data. A lot of OPMs can recruit and report, but they don’t know growth. They don’t understand the WHY behind the data, and they struggle with turning data into an improved User Experience (UX) for your business.

The Game is changing and you need to change with it.

Businesses need an innovative but steady hand with perspective earned from helping some of the world’s biggest brands grow. Few OPM solutions have the focus, track record, data chops, or ability to help with User Experience (UX) or Conversion Rates (CRO).

RBL has your back.

Let’s grow together.

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