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How RBL 2x revenue, increased new customers %, and achieved a 7:1 ROAS for ThredUP

March 17, 2020

Affiliate Marketing
Tye DeGrange

Background & Challenge

ThredUP is a fast-growing online consignment retailer based in the Bay Area. They recently closed series F funding of $175MM and growing with strong technology, analytical acumen, and recent advanced partnerships announced with brands like Gap and Macys.

The ThredUP team sought out a way to inject life into their affiliate program. They had stood up strong performing paid marketing channels but had yet to see affiliate really “work” for them. They wanted a rigorous and analytical growth minded agency to keep up with them and sought affiliate partners to help increase their % of new customers acquired. They needed an adept and experienced affiliate strategy and execution allowing them to get the much needed growth their affiliate, partner, and influencer marketing plan.


RBL deployed a team of experienced affiliate managers and quickly launched several tactics to immediately clean up & scale the channel.

Creative Activation Campaigns for existing partners. RBL utilized a range of activation campaigns based on an increased payout, bonus structure, & credit incentives. This helped get us to a program Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of $7.63!

Top Partners


ThredUP is a great example of an advanced fashion retailerWe were able to take over an existing affiliate program utilizing Impact SaaS tracking technology. We came in and recalibrated network fees, commission structures, and program priorities to save ThredUP nearly $100k in revenue and increased program revenue 2X in less than five months.

As a result of some agile recruitment effort, here is a snap shot of partner growth in just four months:

Here is a snapshot of revenue per month over the partner growth in just four months:

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