Our Growth Marketing Process - The RBL Flywheel

Round Barn Labs has the experience to help clients make growth marketing gains in three core areas: paid, CRO, and affiliate marketing. For many agencies and in-house growth teams, developing effective strategy for these three distinct disciplines can be a heavy lift. That’s why enlisting the services of battle-tested and proven growth practitioners like RBL can be so valuable. By making use of our expertise in these areas, and our knowledge of how they can feed into one another, clients can reap the benefits of what we call the RBL Flywheel. 

A growth marketing flywheel can take some effort to get started, but as it gains momentum, a great deal of potential energy is released. Round Barn Labs’ expertise across paid, CRO and affiliate channels, and our experience in creating and executing a cohesive and integrated growth strategy, activates and accelerates the flywheel, delivering greater gains.

Diagram, RBL Flywheel, Framework

How it Works

Preparation: RBL conducts extensive research on each client’s unique needs, developing a thorough understanding of their target customer and the market to help shape effective growth marketing strategy.

Testing: Our team of experienced growth practitioners set a custom-tailored testing cadence to tease out data that can be used to improve conversion rates and get clients more for their paid marketing spend.

Growth Loops: This User Experience (UX) and Conversion Rate (CRO) expertise improves efficiency and effectiveness of client ad spend, inspiring greater affiliate and influencer adoption, leading to more partner content for paid social, which in turn adds fresh fuel for the cycle to continue.

Sustainability: This cyclical growth marketing approach helps ensure that our clients don’t become overly dependent on paid marketing and get the most bang for their marketing buck.

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