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Why I came to Round Barn Labs

January 28, 2022

Conversion Rate Optimization
Gary Marx

I came to Round Barn Labs and Tye for three reasons

1. Fundamental personal values

2. Quality work & people

3. Vision

For over 3 years I’ve gotten to know Tye. His leadership and communication build trust. Great communication. Someone I Trust, his clients trust, and a leader that inspires and enables greatness.

Those three things are Fundamental Values to me in life - personally and professionally. I operate that way with friends and family, and with my clients. So boom. Fundamental Values.

Alignment between my personal values and your professional career brings fulfillment.

Second is the quality work I've done with him and seen from his other divisions. It's impressive and drives results. We can work in a way where the score takes care of itself. That increases businesses, six, seven and eight figures in growth.

The other members of the RBL team are experts in what they do and it builds back to fundamentals. I trust them, their cross departmental communication and leadership among their divisions is world class.

So it flows from the top. Mike, VP, Paid Search Social and Programmatic Marketing lead like Tye.

Third is the vision that CRO interacts with other departments - amplifying the work from Paid, amplifying the work from Affiliate to give existing clients an even further lift on their investment with RBL and stronger growth. It’s not just a vision - earlier this week Paid pulled me aboard for an existing client and we’re in talks with two others.

The counter is also true with my CRO focused clients. I have support from the Paid team, support from the Affiliate team, from SEO. Again - it’s real. Yesterday one of my CRO clients got a big assist from Mike in Paid. The ability to quickly collaborate across the teams is like we’ve been in this together is a dream.

It all came together quickly and organically. This vision is quickly becoming reality. I asked Mike: "Hey we need some help from paid and user acquisition discussions and that afternoon I had the support I needed."

So that’s it. Quite simple really. I came to Round Barn Labs for three reasons

1. The fundamentals with trust, leadership and great communication,

2. the quality

3. and the vision of building a world class CRO service and connecting it to the other growing departments of Paid Search, Social, Programmatic, Affiliate, Influencer, Partner and Marketing.

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