Maximize your paid social marketing campaigns.

Utilize Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more to acquire customers efficiently.

We have managed millions in ad spend efficiently and provided clients with strategic recommendations for brands like Amazon, Nextdoor, and Hired.

Let the experts help you make sense of the best ways to test lookalike audiences, bidding adjustments, and how to isolate variables to test. Let us help you take advantage of Facebook’s algorithm and structure multiple tests to get the largest impact to reach your north star metric.

We are entering a world where Facebook, Google, and Amazon dominate audience targeting. As a result, having someone in your corner that truly understands Facebook, Instagram, and other emerging social platforms is critical.

  • 90% success rate at decreasing the cost of customer acquisition

  • Have full confidence that tracking and instrumentation are set up accurately

  • Get fresh ad copy, static image, and video ads that convert

Despite its challenges, Facebook (and Instagram by extension) continues to allow advertisers in a variety of categories reach customers efficiently. FB continues to capture ad value for its reach, targeting, and attribution. On top of that, it provides advertisers with a visual ad product demand generating ad unit rather than Paid Search’s demand capture.

Facebook Paid Search

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Instagram has become the “QVC for millennials” and as a result an important channel, especially for B2C and D2C brands that we focus on.

Instagram Paid Search

When saturation is reached or a channel becomes unsustainable, we can build and launch new channel tests to ensure that there are opportunities to continue to acquire customers efficiently. Let us help you navigate additional social channels such as Snap, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Here is what some of our clients have said about our paid social marketing work.

Katherine Krug BetterBack

“After working with a large paid social agency in LA, we were seeing CPAs continue to creep up on Facebook Ads and needed additional expertise and a fresh look at BetterBack's paid social strategy and tactics. RBL was able to cut our Facebook and Instagram CPA in half in just 2 weeks! They significantly improved our targeting, A/B testing rigor, and supplemented our creative capability with performing ads. Their deep affiliate/partner industry knowledge also allowed us to launch our first ever affiliate/partner test plan.” - Katherine Krug CEO BetterBack

Matt Beecher Vault

“We needed to launch, manage, and test paid acquisition marketing as a growth model for our business to drive qualified leads to our sales team. Within weeks, Round Barn Labs' team crafted effective ad copy messaging and launched targeted campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn yielding hundreds of qualified leads. As a result of their work, we have a full sales pipeline of enterprise businesses looking to offer student loan debt payment as a benefit for their employees to help with recruiting and retention efforts. Their team's knowledge of the paid marketing landscape and ability to collaborate with us was critical." - Matt Beecher CEO

Round Barn Labs Paid Social Process

Case Studies

Round Barn Labs Case Study Nextdoor

How Round Barn Labs combined growth and efficiency for Nextdoor’s Real Estate product.

Key Results

  • Users Reached: 5.2 Million

  • ROAS: 4:1

  • Exceeded client North Star Metric goal by 17%

  • Exceeded client CPA goal by 18%

Success Story

Round Barn Labs Case Study HIRED

Hired Paid Social Case Study

Twitter And Facebook Ads
RBL Beats Hired’s Cost Per Sign Up Goal By 61% And Customer Goal By 20%

Key Results

  • Software Engineers Reached: 5.8 Million

  • Blended Cost Per Click of $2.27

  • Engagement rate over 1% for the majority of the campaign test period

  • Beat Cost Per Customer goal by 20%

  • Beat Cost Per Sign Up goal by 61%

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