What is growth?

How is it different than marketing?

Growth =working with Data and Analytics, Product, Marketing, Engineering, and Sales to increase revenue and customers sustainably and efficiently, typically via a combination of qualitative and quantitative data via systemized process and iterative agile testing.


  • Drive both acquisition & retention
  • Manage specific channels, their strategy & interaction
  • Set up review & report on end to end analytics
  • Review performance of cohort groups over time
  • Measure churn, retention rate & Growth Multiplier
  • Collaborate with Product to improve user experience
  • Testing cadence to boost conversion rates and efficiency of paid spend
  • Familiar with owned, earned and paid media
  • Our team is heavily influenced by growth leaders like Brian Balfour, Andrew Chen and Alex Schultz
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OUR process

  1. Needs Assessment

  2. Kick Off & Persona Development

  3. Growth Diagnosis

  4. Marketing Channel Assessment

  5. Launch top highest priority revenue channel(s)

  6. Focus on Impact & Maximize learnings

  7. Test, Iterate, Optimize

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