Derive Systems

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Business Summary

Derive Systems is a leading software company that unlocks the power to customize a vehicle’s performance. Companies like Pepsi, Sears, and Dish Network rely on its technology to improve the fuel efficiency and safety of their vehicle fleets. They have two parts to their business: enterprise and consumer side, Efficiency (enterprise) and Power (consumer).  

The enterprise side of the business is split between law enforcement and service fleets. RBL optimized the enterprise side of the business.



Derive-Systems was having trouble driving paid leads on their own. They had a strong inbound and outbound sales organization as well as a solid industry event presence, but they needed to address Google from a paid and organic perspective. They also needed someone with significant growth marketing experience and a firm that could act as a direct response focused team to test several different ad platforms to find profitable channels.

They needed a firm that could launch ad copy, landing pages, and understand all the major marketing channels and think critically to determine the best way to acquire customers.

They needed a partner who understood channel decay and when a channel no longer is worth pursuing because of diminishing returns. They needed somebody who would know when to and know the time to let productive channels produce, leave them alone and go towards other channels to provide even more sources of traffic.


RBL did a robust intake session where they learned in depth about Derive-Systems’ needs.  This is our Growth Diagnosis process. After this needs assessment, RBL performed a marketing channel analysis to determine the correct channels to go after first. After deciding on the best channels, RBL created a detailed predictive table to outline estimated plans, tests and results by channel.

RBL implemented efficient marketing automation solutions to create a seamless transfer of leads to Derive.



  • After just 60 days we increased CTR by 3x.

  • We increased their volume of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) by 2x in just 5 months

  • In just 1 year we were able to capture the #1 search result, up from an average position of 2.5 when we took over

  • We provided them with an SEO audit identifying key fixes, and even executed on some of those site structure changes that their engineering team could not address due to limited bandwidth. This yielded a significant increase in Search Engine Results Page Rankings and organic traffic on key competitive keyword queries. After less than three months, we got their most important keyword to the top of Google organic search results. Prior to that it was not even on page one of SERP.

  • Since taking over their digital marketing efforts we increased their organic traffic by over 200%.

  • We rolled out an expanded paid marketing campaign beyond Google and into Facebook Ads, allowing us to acquire leads at our lowest rate to date of $45 per lead, versus $300 (where the CPL started).

  • In just 3 months since expanding beyond Paid Search, we doubled CTR with locations of highly relevant audiences in additional Google AdWords properties  

  • Built vastly improved landing pages (client reported) at no added charge

  • Built automated web hook between FB Leads, new landing pages to ensure correct lead flow from ads into HubSpot marketing software

  • We introduced the strategy and tactic of Account Based Marketing to their digital lead gen / demand gen strategy setting up targeting on Facebook of their master list of prospects


Ads Selection

Screenshot 2016-09-19 18.47.52.png


Reporting Structure

We report on lead, cost per lead, spend, and engagement metrics.

On a weekly basis RBL produced a detailed metrics driven report that showed the weekly progress towards the quarterly goals. We produced new creative marketing tests on a weekly basis and reported on the progress of those tests.

These would include ad creatives, ad copy, landing page edits, etc.

They would also produce new ideas to be tested week by week and present those ideas to Derive-Systems for buy in.

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