The RBL Flywheel

Jim Collins wrote about the flywheel concept in Good to Great and is often referenced inside and outside Amazon.

He states: “A flywheel is an incredibly heavy wheel that takes huge effort to push. Keep pushing and the flywheel builds momentum. Keep pushing and eventually, it starts to help turn itself and generate its own momentum--and that's when a company goes from …



Are you building a mobile app? Have you launched and looking to improve the efficiency of customer acquisition? If you are at this stage then you’ve likely thought a lot about how you can optimize your position in the App Store. If you are not thinking about, now is your …

Why did I start RBL?

Back in 2014, after managing the eBay affiliate program and running acquisition marketing for various Silicon Valley startups, founders began asking me for help.

They needed a better way to manage marketing and understanding growth.

Very few companies truly understood …