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The RBL affiliate marketing agency team helps clients expand their marketing reach by recruiting and maintaining a network of closely aligned affiliates that can amplify your message and provide significant additional revenue streams.

We have a proven track record of building and maintaining affiliate programs that spur growth for clients.

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Why Choose RBL as Your Affiliate Marketing Agency?

When you partner with RBL, you partner with our partners. Our experienced team delivers results through great working relationships with trusted affiliate leaders like Rakuten, Tune, Commission Junction, Partnerize, Impact and more.With a seasoned team, averaging more than 10 years of experience, we can manage an affiliate program for you or build a program for you to manage. Combining affiliate expertise with data-analysis chops, RBL can identify a mix of networks and partners tailored to your needs, negotiate the right pay structures, securely manage and scale your affiliate network, and strengthen your affiliate reporting and insights. To get the best results, we combine our affiliate strengths with expertise in other disciplines like data, analytics, incrementality, paid marketing, UX, Conversion Rate Optimization, and organic growth.  

Trusted - The only team to manage affiliate marketing agency programs for eBay, Amazon, and Facebook. 

Attentive - We drive impact, not just vanity metrics. You’ll work directly with practitioners with >10 years of affiliate experience. 

Battle-Tested - We have a depth and breadth of knowledge earned from working with some of the world’s most exciting brands. 

Inventive - We go beyond the usual names to connect clients with a diverse mix of partners in channels like shopping discovery, content, influencers, editorial, and Out of Home (OOH). 

Iterative - We live by three letters: ABT. Always Be Testing. We run regular scientific tests to learn more and grow faster than other affiliate managers. 

UX Experts - You get access to multiple User Experience (UX) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) pros to boost your site performance. 

Incisive - We create consumer and affiliate campaigns that get eyeballs and convert. 

Energizing - See greater gains by combining the power of 3 services – CRO/UX improvements, increasing affiliate adoption, and using partner reviews in targeted paid-social ads.

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How It Works?

Our experienced affiliate marketing agency team of growth practitioners will work with you to conduct a data-driven review of the landscape, so we can identify approaches and partners that align with your revenue goals. We’ll help you move past baseline efforts on Facebook and Google, so you make efficient use of key partnerships to boost your return on ad spend and lower your cost per acquisition. RBL can offer a top-shelf partner network across affiliate business models, including content sites, bloggers/influencers, other brands, comparison/catalog, portals, retargeting, mobile distribution partners, coupon/deal, loyalty/cash back, retargeting/PPC
and email.

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