Marketing Channel Analysis


Marketing Channel Analysis



You know your customer, you have a business plan, you have a business strategy, you have a list of theories, hypotheses, a lot of creative ideas and past working knowledge of how to grow a business and obtain customers. But where do you start?

You are about to go to battle and you can only pick 5 weapons to place into your arsenal. Not 10, not 20 but 5. Which 5 will do the most damage and protect you and your team? 

This is one of our favorite exercises. The challenge of identifying where to place bets. Do we start with Paid Search or Content? Do we launch a video? Or do we test Facebook Ads? Our demographic is all over SnapChat, how do we address them? We want to set up an affiliate / influencer program but when is the right time for that? Having worked with over 40 companies and seen dozens of high-growth startups work through these challenges, we're here to make things easy for you.


We'll chat about your mission, product, onboarding, team resources, funding, goals, budget, concerns, marketing channels tests to date, learnings to date, key metrics, and KPIs.

We will then brainstorm a list of potential marketing channels that suit your size, stage, business model, customer personas.

From that list, we will rank stack the channels based on estimated traffic, leads, users, revenue, time to learnings, resources a detailed monthly spend, revenue, lead, purchase estimates based on plan. 


  1. Marketing Channel Analysis $10,000

    1. Intelligence gathering: current level of product market fit, company plans & strategy

    2. Review company goals and resources

    3. Review market & competitive landscape

    4. Review product, onboarding, current site conversion rates, analytics

    5. Based on our experience, data of working with over 40 companies on growth, brainstorm channels

    6. Rank stack channels based on

      1. Estimated Revenue (leads, downloads, DAU if applicable)

      2. Resources Required

      3. Cost (Media or other)

      4. Time to learnings

    7. This list will prove to be a powerful tool for you and your team to use as your growth / testing playbook and have a higher degree of confidence that you are focused on the right areas for your business.

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