Google AdWords Search Structure $4,500

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Google AdWords Search.png

Google AdWords Search Structure $4,500



We know what it's like. You are the VP of Marketing, CMO, Digital Marketing Manager, you manage all marketing for a high growth startup and you need to address Google AdWords.

Yes, you can build it yourself, hire someone full time, sign an SEM agency to a monthly retainer, or...we can help with a one-time setup or clean up.


We'll chat about your products(s), customer personas, learnings to date, hypotheses, other marketing channels, tests, key metrics, and assumptions. We will then build a monthly plan, with associated traffic, revenue, lead / purchase estimates based on the plan. This plan will form guide of your clean newly built AdWords Structure.



Set up Google AdWords Structure $4,500

  1. You will place container tag on your site

  2. We will place AdWords and Analytics tracking in container tag

  3. We will set up AdWords and Analytics to ensure tracking for campaigns

  4. Gather personas from client provide feedback

  5. Keyword research

  6. Build keyword list

  7. 3 Ad Copy Build per campaign

  8. You will provide Ad Copy & Brand guidelines which we will follow

  9. We will provide you with ads for you to review and approve

  10. Set up Demographic, Age, Geo, interest & keyword targeting as needed

  11. Ad Group Structure

  12. Branded campaign

  13. Non Branded Campaign

  14. Competitor Campaign

  15. Define Hypotheses

  16. Launch your new AdWords Search campaign

  17. Check in on performance in one week to make small tweaks

  18. Review performance in two weeks to make suggested changes and recommendations

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