Google AdWords Display Campaign $3,000


Google AdWords Display Campaign $3,000


Set up Google AdWords Display Structure & Campaign

  1. You will place container tag on your site

  2. We will place AdWords and Analytics tracking in container tag

  3. We will set up AdWords and Analytics to ensure tracking for campaigns

  4. Gather personas from client provide feedback

  5. Keyword research

  6. Build keyword list

  7. Interest targeting set up as needed

  8. You will provide Ad Copy & Brand guidelines which we will follow

  9. You will provide banner ads in 3 standard IAB sizes

    1. We can build if needed at additional cost

  10. Set up Demographic, Age, Geo, Interest, and keyword targeting

  11. Define Hypotheses

  12. Launch your new AdWords Search campaign

  13. Check in on performance in one week to make small tweaks

  14. Review performance in two weeks to make suggested changes and recommendations

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