Build Paid Marketing Budget


Build Paid Marketing Budget



We know what it's like. You are the VP of Marketing, CMO, or Digital Marketing Manager and you manage all marketing for a high growth startup. You need to build a detailed budget and forecast. Yes, you can build it yourself and you often do, but your C-Suite has just asked for a revised version based on your new strategy and updated marketing channel learnings. We're here to make this report easy on you.


We'll chat about your marketing channels, tests, learnings to date, key metrics, and assumptions. We will then build a detailed monthly spend, revenue, lead, purchase estimates based on the plan. Once your campaigns go live you can easily plug in actual data against our estimates.


  1. Build Paid Marketing Budget $10,000

    1. Review Marketing Channel Analysis provided by client (or created by RBL at added cost)

    2.  RBL will build a paid marketing budget based on client's CAC estimates, Overall Budget, Appetite for Growth with paid v. non paid, LTV estimates. We will use our knowledge of various channels, tactics, strategies and some estimates from client to generate this document.

    3. Complete Excel / Google Doc version of forecast for 4 month period

    4. Elements include

      1. Channels

      2. Estimates: Clicks, Impressions, Leads, Sales

      3. Based on our experience in paid marketing with over 15 years and across various client verticles and businesses 

      4. Room for actual input once campaigns live 

      5. Clear formulas for easy input and modeling / editing

      6. List of key assumptions 

    5. 30 min call check in to review the final projections 

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