Facebook Ad Set Up


Facebook Ad Set Up



You can lead overall marketing strategy, you know Facebook has achieved massive growth with their ad platform and you have customers hanging out there.

The problem is you can do some of it but you don't have time to do it well and you need help building Facebook Ads right so you can test and learn.

You’re not sure how to rise above the noise to reach new customers on the FB newsfeed, and you don’t have the time or money to hire full time to build audiences and set up a correct learning approach. That’s where we can help. As seasoned direct response marketers and Facebook Ad practitioners, we can build out a core campaign to help you begin testing Facebook Ads the right way.


Set up Facebook Ad Campaign & Test $3,000

  1. You set up container tag on your site

  2. We place FB pixel and set up correct conversion action tracking in FB

  3. We place Analytics Pixel in your container tag to ensure tracking is valid

  4. Gather your customer personas and product key value proposition

  5. Build audiences based on your existing customer data & hypotheses

  6. Provide you with Facebook Ad Specs

  7. You provide creative assets

    1. We can build if needed, at additional cost

  8. We will craft ad copy / message based on your recommendations & brand guidelines

  9. We will provide you with copy to review and approve

  10. Set up Demographic, Age, Geo, interest targeting

  11. Set up Testing Framework to ensure you can learn which variables perform best to inform future tests

  12. Define Hypotheses based on our experience, benchmarks & your business

  13. Launch your new Facebook Ad campaign

  14. Check in on performance in one week to make small tweaks

  15. Review performance in two weeks to make suggested changes and recommendations

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