Funnel Analysis


Funnel Analysis



We know how you feel. You know how critical it is to ensure your customers are getting from one stage of your product experience to the next and sticking around. But your eyes glaze over when you look at Google Analytics or other tools. You read 10 blog posts from Unbounce to MOZ about landing page optimization & funnel analysis. Some stages of your site you think work well but others not so much. The data is not clear, even though its instrumented well but you just do not have time or resources to look at it carefully to deliver an actionable plan.

Don't fret. We have dug into this stuff many times before and can help.  

We can set up effective reporting, analytics and instrumentation so that you have confidence in the numbers. We can review the current flow of user behavior, traffic, segmentation and exits to ensure that we all have a handle on where your customers are coming in and where they are dropping off. If they do stick around why and if they leave can we point to some potential reasons. Having worked with over 40 companies and seen dozens of high growth startups work through these challenges, we're here to make things easy for you.


We'll get access to tag manager, analytics tools and build out custom reporting for you to understand the flow of traffic and customers. 

We will then brainstorm a list of potential problem areas and rank the largest priorities of potential fixes.

Based on existing value of customers, traffic, and segments we will assess the impact of potential tests and funnel improvements over time. 


  1. Funnel Analysis $10,000

    1. Analytics & Site access

    2. Review Customer Personas

    3. Review Consumer Insights

    4. Provide benchmark insights to gage conversion rate from one stage of funnel to next

    5. Identify top challenges and revenue generating opportunities

    6. Rank stack fixes based on your North Star metric to prioritize tests and fixes

    7. This list will prove to be a powerful tool for you and your team to use as your growth / testing playbook and have a higher degree of confidence that you are focused on the right areas for your business and you have a much clearer picture of how you can improve your funnel experience for customers to boost growth, ROAS, and improve business efficiency.

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