SEO Audit


SEO Audit


SEO Does not have to be a mysterious black box

If you have a lot of organic traffic, your business is dependent on content and SEO ranking factors.

Are you ready to stop worrying about what Google things about your website? Are you ready to understand your declines in organic traffic, understand if Google has penalized you, or want to stay on top of the new Google algorithm updates?

You have the option to know exactly how good or bad things really are. Let us show you the SEO truth about your site. A thorough SEO Audit can take a lot of the mystery and uncertainty out of measuring and planning organic traffic and it's a much easier option than hiring a full-time SEO expert or trying to figure out technical SEO on your own.

We have run multiple SEO Audits for clients of all sizes from IPO'ed - down to Seed. An SEO Audit is a great investment to ensure one of your most critical sources of customers and revenue is healthy and protected.


We diagnose organic traffic challenges, review site structure, and plan keyword and content strategies based on where you stand with your competition.

The data and findings of our report will be useful for marketing and product leaders and empower your engineers with a hit list of key fixes that over time will most likely yield organic search increases. 

You will not pay for a list of best practices, or listen to us espouse the benefits of backlinks. We have access to what Google sees. We look at your site structure, review Google Search Console and use our own proprietary tools to ensure we provide you with an accurate real-time diagnosis of your site's SEO health, which as you already know is vital to the health of your business. 

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