Affiliate / Influencer Program Audit


Affiliate / Influencer Program Audit



Congrats you launched an affiliate program or influencer program. You've gotten some top partners, are seeing traffic and are getting a few sign ups. sign ups.

You scratch your head. Now, what?  Is your customer journey correct? Are we providing our affiliates with the right commissions and flat fees? Are we protecting the business from fraud or low-quality duplicative traffic?

These are the right questions to asking.

Having grown programs for eBay & ModCloth by over $40 million in total in less than one year of work, we are the right people to take the pressure off and clarify the confusion in this misunderstood and challenging channel.


 We take a holistic view of your goals, budget, paid and unpaid marketing channels, tests, learnings to date, key metrics, ideal partners in order to see how all your other channels are affecting Affiliate and vice versa. When you grant us access to your program and platforms we will build a detailed written assessment of spend, revenue, leads, purchases and partners based on your business and objectives. This will give you full clarity give you actionable tasks for generating significant revenue.


  1. 30 min discussion of marketing objectives, goal of affiliate program

  2. Identification of areas of affiliate / influencer program need based on client goals, product, market, competitor, limitations, season, promos, content

  3. You provide us with access to existing affiliate platform

  4. We will deliver a document (typically one - two pages) outlining top revenue generating opportunities such as: 

    1. Missing top affiliates

    2. Key risks of current program

    3. Any fraud concerns or red flags

    4. Mid Tier partners or influencers or networks you should consider to boost performance given your vertical

    5. Competitive Analysis

    6. 30 min review with you of our data findings and Q&A

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