Build Your Growth Model


Build Your Growth Model



Modern companies have evolved significantly in the last 5 -10 years especially when it comes to marketing. The days of building a great product and hoping for the best are no longer. Similarly, buying our way into growth, or using one tactic trick or channel is also not feasible. 

While software and technology costs have gone done allowing more to build businesses, the challenge of distribution is if anything getting harder.


That is why you need a growth model.  

Inspired by Brian Balfour, Andrew Chen and growth marketing teams of Facebook, LinkedIn, Birchbox, and Uber, we enjoy collaborating with teams to build a simple visual model of how a company intends to grow with analytical models.


We'll chat about your ideal customer personas, mission, product, onboarding, team resources, funding, goals, budget, concerns, marketing channels tests to date, learnings to date, key metrics, and KPIs.

We will then create a list of potential major growth levers such as Content Marketing Growth Model, Viral Growth Model, and Paid Marketing.

Some of these growth avenues will be applicable to your business, others will not. We will work closely with you to ensure you are focused on the right approach.



  1. Build Your Growth Model $15,000

    1. Intelligence gathering: current customer personas, value proposition, hypotheses, level of product market fit, company plans & strategy

    2. Review company goals and resources

    3. Review market & competitive landscape

    4. Review product, onboarding, current site conversion rates, analytics

    5. Based on our experience, data of working with over 40 companies on growth, brainstorm channels

    6. Rank and assess viable growth paths and models

      1. Paid Marketing Growth Loop

      2. Content Growth Loop

      3. SEO Loop

    7. Select loops and a model that can be useful to your business. 

    8. A Quantitative Model that puts the Growth Model into a spreadsheet for forecasting purposes

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